Pet Portrait Photography

You have a special connection and relationship with your pet and they mean the world to you. You know that the time they have with us is short and you want to make sure you have something special, unique, and fun to always remember them by. They make your life so much fuller and happier, and are as much family to you as your kids or significant other! They are love on four legs! They are the most adorable pet on the planet and you want everyone to know it!!

What will you do with the photos? Hang your favorite portraits in your living room, so you can see their sweet face every time you walk by. Keep a print at your desk at work, because they always makes you smile. Enjoy all the moments from your session by having an album made. 

Most importantly, don’t wait until it is too late. I hear too many stories from people who wished they had not waited until their dog was too sick for photographs. The years slip by and our pups are old before we know it.  We are animal lovers and we know how hard it is to lose a family pet. For this reason we offer discounted session fees.

Our pricing is simple, we charge $100 for the session fee which includes one hour of time, after that it’s $50 an hour, rounding to the next half hour.  We then provide you with an online gallery to choose the products or digital downloads you wish to purchase. No pushy in person sales, no limits to the number of wardrobe changes. You can order from the convenience of your phone, tablet or computer.  We do offer some packages as well for additional savings.

We also offer a Rainbow bridge discount, there is $25 off the session fees and 15% discount off all products ordered.  This is reserved for pets, who due to medical condition or age are close to crossing over the rainbow bridge.

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Things to do before the session

Please have your pet properly groomed just prior to your scheduled session.  It is also helpful if possible to have your pet exercised so they aren’t as anxious during their photo session.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my session last?

We charge an initial $100, which includes 1 hour of shooting time, after that it’s just $50 per hour.

Where will the session be?

This is really up to the you.  We can do this in the comfort of your own home, where the pet feels at ease or we can go out to a local pet friendly park.  The choice is totally up to you.  **

Can other people or pets be included in my photos?

Absolutely!  Again, this is totally up to the you.  There is no additional cost and you’re more than welcome to bring who you want for your session!

If it rains, do you have a studio to shoot at?

I do have a small studio but if you want outdoor photos we will gladly reschedule your session at a more convenient time. 

Will these images be posted online or any social networks?

This is totally up to you.  Some people prefer not having their images posted online and I respect their wishes.   I always ask if it is OK to share a few photos on our social media page of the session before posting.       

How do we go about securing our session?

You may call, email or leave me a message on social media to determine if I am available for your specific date. I strongly encourage you to contact me as early as possible to make sure I am available.  In order to reserve the date, there is a $25 deposit that is required.  Once we agree on a date, I will email you a digital invoice that you may pay the deposit with a credit card or pay pal.

Will you be taking our photos or will one of your assistants be taking our photos?

I will always be the photographer taking your photos.  There are times when I use an assistant, who just so happens to be my wife, but at no time do I ever use an assistant for your pet portraits. 

How long will it take for my photos to be on the website to be viewed or received?

For most normal photo sessions, your photos will be completed within 72 hours. I make it a priority to get your photos back to you as soon as possible so you can enjoy your photos and share them with your friends and family.  At busy times, I tell people expect 1 week turnaround.  

What days are you available to shoot pet portrait sessions?

My availability for pet portrait session is mostly limited to evenings and weekends.   

Can I order more prints/products later?

Your photos will remain online and available for purchase on my password protected website for 3 months from the date of the session.  If for some reason, you need to purchase an image after the 3 months, contact me and I can make it available to you.

Why is your logo on all the photos? Will the logo be on the prints?

Being in the photography industry, my best form of advertising is people seeing my logo on your images that you share on social media.  These images are specifically meant to be shared on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other various forms of social media.  When you receive your printed images or products, there is no watermark/logo on the images. 

What type of payments do you accept?

Session fees can be paid by Cash, Checks, Money Orders, Credit Cards and Paypal.  Products can be paid for by debit or credit cards.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule a session!


** Up to 30 miles is included in the sessions fees, there could be additional charges per mile over 35.

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