Local Heroes – Mahoning Valley Fire Company No 1

I have been wanting to start a personal project for a while highlighting what I call local heroes.  These are people such as veterans, first responders, volunteers to name just a few.  With that said there is no better way to kick of this project but with my local Mahoning Valley Fire Company.  Mahoning Valley Fire Company was incorporated in 1951, comprising of all volunteers.  Their slogan is “Pride in Commitment, Pride in Community” and it definitely shows with all they do for the community.

I reached out to them via their Facebook page about this project and got a quick response from Tim Schnell expressing their interest.  I gave them some of my ideas and I got feedback from them and we agreed on a date to do a photo shoot of the volunteers.  Asst Chief Jay Michalik  had a great idea highlighting each member with part of image showing their day to day life along with them in their firefighting gear.  Driving home the fact that these are everyday people in the community who stood up and volunteered, putting their life on the line to safe the life and property of others.  They are always looking for new volunteers, if you are local and are interested in helping in some way please consider contacting them.

Please take some time and look through the gallery of these brave men and women. I still have some more individuals to capture and edit so please check back often to see the new additions.  I’ll be extending this project in the future to other local first responders and other volunteer organizations.  This is also open to local veterans, both current or prior service.  I do this at no charge as my time permits, this is our way of also giving back to the local communities.  If you would like to be included please reach out to us.

As the saying goes, not all heroes wear capes.

Gallery will full resolution images can be found here

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