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We love giving back to some of our local pet rescues by taking high quality adoption photos of the pets that are up for adoption.  One of those rescues is Pibbles Paws Safe Haven Dog Rescue (PPSH).  PPSH holds regular adoption meet and greet events at Phillips Pet Supply Outlet in Bath, PA.  We setup in Phillips and took adoption photos of some of the foster dogs that are available through PPSH.  Given it was close to the Christmas holidays we used that as our theme.

Adoption pet rescue photo of a puppy

One of the dogs up for adoption took a quick nap

Ms. Basilia was one of the puppies that were actually shown on the Hallmark Channel Home and Family Show. They were running a 500 adoptions for the holidays series. Was great exposure for all the awesome work that PPSH does.

To pull on the heart strings even more, we took some of the photos and composited them into some holiday themes.  These were a big hit and we like to hope it helped get some of these great dogs placed into their furever home.

Donna sitting in Santa's sled, just waiting to be placed into her furever home!

Whisper is hoping to be in her own home for Christmas.

Last but certainly not least was our very own foster puppy Flossy.  She is a super sweet black lab puppy that we only had for a week before she was placed into her furever home!

Flossy a black lab puppy ready for adoption

Doesn't get much cuter than Flossy sitting in a box.

Super sweet Flossy, a black lab puppy sitting in a Christmas theme.

We offer pet portraits for your own fur babies.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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