Importance of printing

This post isn’t meant to push customers from buying prints from me, but I want to you understand how important it is to get prints done for your photos.

It has been estimated that there have been more photo’s captures in the last 5 years then all years prior combined!  But yet we hardly print our photos.  The 21st century is also being called the next “Dark Ages” Why?  Because most of our images are being stored electronically, on our phones, tables, computers. Devices and media that in 10 years will be so antiquated that it will be difficult to retrieve the information. 

Hard to believe?  Who remembers floppies?  How about Zip drives?  Movies on VHS, 8mm?  You already know how hard it can be to get that information off, if it’s possible at all.  There is also file formats that will no longer be supported.  And this is from a period of time when there were more pictures taken then at any other point in history.

A few more tidbits:

  • 67% of smartphone owners do not regularly backup their image files for safekeeping
  • Only 33% of Americans aged 30-44 still print an store physical photos.
  • 113 smartphones are lost or compromised every minute!
  • More than 40% of business that utilize cloud storage have lost data while using it.
  • 68% of those businesses could not recover the lost data.
  • Properly printed images can last for hundreds of years when stored correctly.

More information about this issue can be found here.

Print your images!!!

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