The Train Works and Weatherly Area Museum – CARBON COUNTY PHOTOGRAPHER

Located in Weatherly, PA is “The Train Works at Weatherly” and Weatherly Area Museum.  The remnants of this factory started as the LVRR Engine Shop which operated from 1867 to 1910 later as The Weatherly Steel Company which operated from 1913 to 1989.

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The grounds were later saved for restoration and reuse by The Weather Rotary Foundation in 2004.  The architecture of these old buildings are just amazing and I’m thankful they are saved for future generations to see.  One day I’ll get to this location when it’s either not completely cloud covered and/or raining.  I hit both on this day, though not a far drive where I live.

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Also in the same area is the Weatherly Area Museum which has historical artifacts, photography and other memorabilia.  The museum was not open on this day but I will be back to take a tour and hopefully the sun will be out!

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